element14 has expanded its range of cable assemblies and connectors from Multicomp.

Over 3,800 connectors from Multicomp are available for same day dispatch, and include AV, circular, D Sub, I/O, industrial, modular, PCB, RF/coaxial and USB connectors. The new Multicomp products include:

  • The latest NGFF miniature RF connector technology on SMA/RPSMA RF antenna pigtail cables
  • A large selection of IP67 waterproof panel-sealed
  • Contact-sealed IP67 SMA/RPSMA RF antenna pigtail cables; even when an antenna is not connected and the SMA/RPSMA connector is "open"
  • Innovative RF cable assembly—integrated in an SMA panel RF antenna interface—which makes retro-fitting antenna auto-switching in to electronic designs quick and simple, and keeps the RF switch away from sensitive electronics on the PCB
  • Tamper-secure rear-lock IP67 waterproof panel-sealed RPSMA/SMA RF antenna pigtail cables
  • Double-screened RF antenna pigtail cables help solve RF design noise problems
  • New colour cable management for popular SMA-U.FL RF Antenna pigtail cable assemblies