Integrated Device Technology's DDR4 LRDIMM chipset has been selected as the interface solution for Diablo Technologies' Memory1 128GB system memory module. IDT's chipset enables flash memory to operate at the speed of DRAM in NVDIMM applications, which is a critical element for solutions like Memory1, according to the companies.

Memory1 provides 1TB or 2TB of system memory in a single two-socket server using economical, conventional flash memory. Diablo’s flash-based DIMMs support a wide range of enterprise workloads, including big data analytics, database and caching servers.

IDT’s DDR4 LRDIMM chipset enables speed and bandwidth performance for both traditional and emerging classes of memory modules. By providing a bridge between the memory channel and module media that includes signal conditioning, data alignment and fault detection, the IDT solution extracts the maximum available memory performance from any server or storage platform.