Designed to regulate current and voltage, Microchip Technology's digitally enhanced power analog (DEPA) controller improves digital support for battery charging and is ideal for DC-DC conversion in server, consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

The MCP19124/5 handles configurable charging algorithms for any chemistry, with capabilities for cell balancing and super capacitor charging. Any voltage, current, temperature or duration can be used to trigger a transition to a new portion of the charge profile. These devices are also well suited for any DC-DC application requiring tight voltage or current regulation; capable of supporting flyback, boost, SEPIC, or Cuk topologies.

The controllers have a unique combination of independent voltage and current control loops. Either the current control loop can regulate to a specified target current, or the voltage control loop can regulate to a target voltage. Each analog control loop has a separate feedback network for independent pole-zero placement and the ability to perform zero cross detection for quasi-resonant operation.

The MCP19124/5 can also dynamically switch from a voltage target to a current target, or vice-versa, by switching between the two control loops. The internal architecture ensures this transition is monotonic, without glitching or transient events. This control configuration even allows for pre-positioning of the output voltage at open or no load conditions, minimising transients when a load is applied.

The controllers make use of an integrated linear regulator, MOSFET drivers, 8-bit PIC microcontroller core, analog-to-digital converter, precision oscillator and analog control loops for a compact solution.

The devices are available in volume production with pricing in 10,000 unit quantities.