Highly integrated, the STBC02 battery-management device from STMicroelectronics embeds a number of features for energy management in wearable and portable devices. The STBC02 packs a linear battery charger, 150mA LDO voltage regulator, two 3Ω SPDT load switches, smart reset/watchdog function, and a protection circuit module within its flip-chip30 (2.59mm × 2.25mm) package.

The STBC02 charges single-cell lithium-ion batteries using a CC/CV algorithm. Both fast-charge current up to 450mA and pre-charge current of 1mA to 450mA are independently programmable using dedicated resistors. A charger-enable input is available to stop the charging process at any time. Battery floating voltage is also programmable and can be set to a value of up to 4.45V.

The integrated protection circuit module allows the device to be used with lithium-ion batteries without any other protection chip and protects the battery from damage under fault conditions. Its smart reset/watchdog function enhances system reliability, providing full recoverability in case of software failure. Shutdown current of 10nA extends battery shelf life.

ST 01

The STBC02 battery charger costs Rs. 74.32 ($1.10) each in lots of 1,000 units.