A 7kV reinforced isolated amplifier, the AMC1301 from Texas Instruments, provides low offset error and drift of ±200µV at 25°C and ±3µV/°C, respectively. This rugged device has a working breakdown voltage of 1000 VRMS for a minimum insulation barrier lifetime of 64 years, exceeding VDE 0884-10 safety requirements.

amplifier 01

With its low offset drift over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and ±250-mV input voltage range, the AMC1301 is well-suited for shunt-based current sensing in high-voltage equipment, such as industrial motor drives, solar inverters, battery-management systems, and uninterruptible power supplies. It also offers nonlinearity of 0.03% and very low gain error and drift of ±0.3% at 25°C and ±50 ppm/°C.

The AMC1301 comes in a 5.85×7.5-mm SOIC package and costs $2.90 each in lots of 1000 units. A $49 evaluation module is available, as well as a SPICE simulation model and a reference design to help designers verify board-level signal-integrity requirements.