Using its proprietary blue LED crystal growth technology, Japanese specialty manufacturer Toyoda Gosei has developed an automotive headlamp LED that achieves high luminance with low energy consumption.

The blue LED crystal growth technology improves the structure of gallium nitride (GaN) crystals in the LED light source, according to the company. Flip-chip technology, in which the LED chips are directly connected to the substrate without conducting wire, is also adopted for good heat dissipation.

The headlamp LEDs can achieve high luminance of 2,300lm and can be used in bi-functional systems that produce both low and high beams from a single light source.

Headlamps employing the LEDs will help reduce energy consumption in electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other next-generation vehicles, and are expected to come into widespread use in the future as an environmentally-friendly product, according to Toyoda Gosei.