Installing multiple displays in cars often result in inconsistent viewing experience across the panels. Intersil is addressing this problem with its automotive-grade ISL76534, which the company says delivers the highest accuracy gamma calibration to ensure consistent brightness and colour matching of every LCD panel inside a vehicle.

The 14-channel programmable gamma buffer is ideal for LCDs designed for infotainment displays, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) smart mirrors and instrument cluster displays.

The IC provides one Vcom and 14 gamma channels with 10-bit resolution for fine-tuning the gamma curve, avoiding panels that appear either bleached-out or too dark. It stores parameters in on-chip EEPROM, with 10,000 writes cycles and 20-year data retention at 105°C. It offers flexibility in power-rail bring-up sequencing; and a 75dB PSRR to keep power supply noise from reaching then buffer and appearing as visible interference. It uses 56.6mW.

The ISL76534 contains an I²C programmable, 10-bit, 14-channel gamma reference voltage generator with buffered outputs, a 10-bit programmable VCOM calibrator, a high output current VCOM amplifier and internal EEPROM to store all reference voltage data.

The 14-channel ISL76534 programmable gamma buffer is available now in a 4.5mm x 5mm, 28-lead TQFN package and is priced at ₹133.44 ($1.99) in 1k quantities. An ISL76534EVAL1Z evaluation board can be purchased for ₹7,778.45 ($116.00).