Marvell has revealed that its Avastar wireless connectivity combos can now enable Dynamic Multi-Hop Relay (DMHR) technology, which, when integrated with Marvell’s Avastar 88W8887, 88W8997 and 88W8977 devices, allows Wi-Fi devices to support extended wireless coverage by intelligently linking and sharing data or audio/video in a daisy chain topology.

DMHR technology is expected to enhance the user experience in various indoor and outdoor environments where robust wireless connection helps ensure uninterrupted multimedia and cloud services, whether in infrastructure or peer-to-peer configurations. This capability combines a core Wi-Fi technology developed by Marvell and application stack, system-level intelligence and synchronization developed by Libre Wireless.

The key features of the technology include: relay network of up to 15 devices, all connected with each other in a daisy-chain fashion; extends the range of traditional WiFi network by 15x, from 40m to almost 600m in a typical home; and each node can further connect up to 15 more devices, forming a cluster network of over 200 wirelessly connected devices, geared for indoor as well as outdoor use.

The Dynamic Relay is a fully self-managed and self-recovering network, with the capability to monitor all devices joining and leaving the network, as well as identifying any dead-nodes. Key use cases of the solution include: multi-room audio/video distribution, walkie-talkie, group sports, access point repeater, wide area security and surveillance systems, and is targeted for speakers, soundbars, headphones, IP cameras, mobile, and portable devices.

Libre Wireless will implement this capability into its LibreSync platform to bring unique, real world value to consumer electronic products. With this feature, LibreSync can enable electronic products to link together intelligently so that devices in remote locations, at the home or commercial/Industrial buildings behave robustly and consistently.