NXP Semiconductors has introduced the MiGLO technology, which allows for ultra-low power ear-to-ear communication using near field magnetic induction (NFMI).

“NFMI has proven to be a reliable and safe solution to wirelessly stream audio and data ear-to-ear in a medical product that is extremely demanding in terms of power consumption and solution size," said Asit Goel, senior vice president and general manager at NXP.

NXP MiGLO targets high quality wearable audio applications. It features a perfect wireless connection (to avoid drop-outs), low latency audio transport (to maintain lip sync) and tightly controlled left and right (L/R) audio synchronisation (to maintain the stereo image).

The NFMI-based MiGLO products are capable of streaming high quality audio ear-to-ear at less than 4mW, according to NXP. The company aims to enable uninterrupted audio listening for a full day from a small battery without recharging

The MiGLO platform is available in Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP), requiring a minimum of external components. NXP MiGLO, which are smaller than 11mm2, is specifically optimised for wireless earbud applications, reducing the size of the end product. With MiGLO solutions’ low power consumption, the earbud battery can be significantly smaller for the same battery life. Unlike other wireless solutions, NFMI is designed to work accurately even if earbuds get smaller in future, according to the company.