EXFO has recently announced the MaxTester 945 OLTS (optical link test set). The maker of optical test tools for engineers and technicians said the tool for telco technicians makes use of a 7in tablet-like user interface that enables them to test optical links that connect to homes and businesses, also known as Fibre to the x (FTTx).

The MaxTester 945 adds ORL (optical return loss) measurements over the previously released MaxTester 940, which performs insertion loss and fibre-length measurements. EXFO stated that the MAX-945 is the replacement for the FOT-930 OLTS.


With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the MaxTester can transfer up to 150,000 measurements to a host computer or connect directly to a network. The tester also supports EXFO Connect, a cloud-based test-asset-management tool. Technicians can then send measurement data back to the home office before leaving a work site. The MaxTester 945 also stores test results in PDF format for reporting purposes. With a 12-hour battery life, the MaxTester 945 can get a technician through a full shift without needing to charge the battery, noted the company.

Both MaxTester 940 and 945 models are compatible with EXFO's FIP-400B fibre-inspection tool. This probe lets technicians inspect fibre-optic connections, which can reveal problems when cable measurements don't pass.