Mitsubishi Electric has developed a silicon carbide (SiC) inverter for hybrid electrical vehicles (HEVs), sizing up just 5L volume.

THe inverter also offers power density of 86kVA/L for two-motor HEVs. Under strict fuel-efficiency regulations, Mitsubishi Electric created a heat dissipation structure that ensures long-term reliability by connecting the power semiconductor modules and heatsink with solder.

Mitsubishi said its SiC inverter offers placement, fuel and energy efficiency while freeing up the vehicle’s interior space. Commercialisation of these SiC inverters for HEVs, electrical vehicles (EVs) and other applications is expected sometime around 2021.

Mitsubishi SiC inverter (cr) Figure 1: A working model of the Mitsubishi Electric SiC inverter that offers high power density.