Cypress Semiconductor has announced a platform that enables USB-C to native HDMI connections without adapters or converters. Based on Cypress EZ-PD USB-C controllers, the platform allows next-generation laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and other HDMI-enabled sources with USB-C connectors to connect directly to HDMI-enabled displays, including HD and 4K televisions, using only a simple USB-C to HDMI cable, according to the company.

The EZ-PD controllers all now support HDMI Alternate Mode for USB Type-C, along with USB Type-C standard support for audio, video and data protocols, as well as USB Power Delivery (PD) for fast charging.

The USB Type-C standard is gaining rapid support with top-tier electronics manufacturers by enabling slim industrial designs, easy-to-use connectors and cables, and the ability to transmit multiple protocols and deliver up to 100W of power. The USB Type-C standard's 2.4mm-high connector plug is significantly smaller than the current 4.5mm USB Standard-A connector.

Cypress' EZ-PD CCG3 controller minimises bill-of-material costs and simplifies designs, replacing multiple discrete components with a single-chip solution. Cypress's EZ-PD portfolio of USB-C controllers also includes CCG1, a programmable USB-C controller, CCG2, a programmable USB-C solution, and CCG4, a two-port USB-C solution. The EZ-PD portfolio was the first to support the latest USB PD 3.0 specification, which enables more robust end-to-end power delivery and charging solutions for laptop and mobile devices, according to the company.