Nexperia goes solo for discretes, logic and MOSFETs

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With revenues of over ₹7,479.43 crore in 2016 and AECQ101-qualified products, Nexperia targets to manufacture about 85 billion devices a year.

Nexperia, the former Standard Products division of NXP, has announced the formal completion of its launch as a separate entity. Headquartered in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and backed by a consortium of financial investors consisting of Beijing Jianguang Asset Management and Wise Road Capital, Nexperia aims to focus its expertise, manufacturing resources and key personnel of the former NXP division, in discretes, logic and MOSFETs.

With revenues of over ₹7,479.43 crore in 2016 and its products that are AECQ101-qualified, Nexperia targets to manufacture around 85 billion devices a year. The now-independent Nexperia underlines three key trends: power efficiency; protection and filtering; and miniaturisation. The automotive sector is strong for Nexperia, with portable devices, industrial, communications infrastructure, consumer and computing as its important markets. A significant portion of the company’s revenue is delivered through distribution channels.

"Nexperia is already regarded as a strong industry leader in discretes, logic and MOSFETs, which consistently delivers highly reliable and innovative products to our global customers," said CEO Frans Scheper in a statement. "Under the new ownership and with a renewed sense of vigour we will invest in product development and best-in-class manufacturing practices and facilities to ensure that Nexperia becomes the byword for efficiency and quality."

[nexperia CEO Frans Scheper (cr)]
Figure 1: Nexperia CEO Frans Scheper

Nexperia has two front-end manufacturing facilities, in Manchester, UK, and Hamburg, Germany, and three back-end packaging plants in Guangdong, China, Seremban, Malaysia and Cabuyao, Philippines. The company currently employs about 11,000 personnel, including an established leadership team.

"Because Nexperia will continue to source its front end and back end production from its current manufacturing sites, there will be no disruption in our supply chain or other processes," Scheper said.

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