Novarm updates DipTrace PCB design software

Article By : Novarm

The latest DipTrace software version includes 10,000+ new components and around 1,700 new 3D models.

Novarm Ltd has released an updated version of DipTrace, the version 3.1, which incorporates real-time length comparison table, length-matching rules for DRC and meander placement tool to help ensure critical high-frequency signals or buses are properly functioning.

Novarm said that its layer stackup table gives a comprehensive control over conductive and dielectric layers of the circuit board and ensures reliable communication between the PCB designer and CAM engineer.

Novarm has also updated the Phase Tune tool and introduced the Align Objects feature, permanent net highlight option and allowed for changing the measurement units with hotkeys anywhere in the software.

Other features of DipTrace 3.1 include:

  • Use layer stackup and pad signal delay for trace length and differential pair phase calculation
  • Move all selected trace segments simultaneously (bus editing)
  • Altium ASCII import (Schematic, PCB, libraries)
  • Eagle XML import (Schematic, PCB, libraries)
  • ODB++ output – version 8.1 added.
  • 11,813 new components and 345 new patterns
  • 1,726 new 3D models

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