Photorelay offers increased density in smaller boards

Article By : Toshiba

Toshiba’s TLP3406S photorelay offers small on-resistance and on/off switching currents of 1.5A in 2.00mm x 1.45mm size.

Toshiba has added a TLP3406S photorelay to its line-up of photocouplers. Housed in the Toshiba-developed S-VSON4 of 2.00mm x 1.45mm, the TLP3406S is suited for use in automatic test equipment, measuring instruments, high-speed logic IC testers, high-speed memory testers and probe cards. This reduction in size will enable the development of smaller test boards and can increase density by allowing the inclusion of more photorelays on a board.

[semiconductor tester diagram (cr)]
Figure 1: Semiconductors tester diagram.

Semiconductor testers and other applications are pushing photorelays to support higher temperatures in a smaller package size. The upper end of the TLP3406S’s operating range is up to 110°C compared to 85°C in previous offerings. In spite of its small package size, the TLP3406S features a small on-resistance and on/off switching currents of 1.5A, enabling it to be used for switching applications in high-speed testers.

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