RattanIndia Launches Two New Delivery Drones

Article By : RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd

RattanIndia has launched a new drone delivery platform, "L-series", through its company Throttle Aerospace Systems.

RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd (REL) has launched a new drone delivery platform, “L-series”, through its company Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS).

This new platform is designed to meet the increasing demand of deliveries using drones from the industry. The L-Series is stable, secure, can carry significantly higher payloads, and is designed to work across low, medium, and high altitudes. The company earlier had a Med-copter series focused on the healthcare sector; this new series helps in boosting drone delivery usage across industries. L-Series is designed, developed, and manufactured in India.

The L-Series starts with the launch of two new VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) products L20 and L-15, capable of carrying payload weights of 20kg and 15kg, respectively. These products can fly for up to 45minutes, achieve cruise speed of 32.4kph (9m/s), and operate at a maximum altitude of 5,500 to 6,000m above MSL (Mean Sea Level). These drones are very easy to deploy, can be made ready to fly in just 5 minutes and can be operated by a two-member team.

“Drone delivery market is expected to reach $32 billion (~INR, 2,50,000 Cr) by 2031 as per the market estimates. We spotted this segment very early and have been innovating in this space for a while. The launch of a new drone delivery platform opens a wide range of use cases across the commercial drone delivery market for us. NeoSky and TAS’s L-Series is a significant progress from the existing Med-copter series, and we are looking forward to setting new benchmarks in the delivery drones’ industry. Our drone delivery category has four products now and this is just the start,” said Anjali Rattan, Business Chairperson of RattanIndia.

Nagendran Kandasamy, CEO of TAS said, “After successfully completing the BVLOS trials for our Med-copter series, we started looking at the challenge of higher payloads as that is the only way to scale up drone delivery industry. This helped us in launching the L-series platform with an initial payload of 20 and 15kgs. These products are fully autonomous from takeoff to landing and comes with many ‘fail safe’ options to keep the flight stable. These products also perform many pre-flight checks before starting the flight. We are extremely excited about the launch of these products.”


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