RattanIndia’s Drone Company TAS Approved For “Aero” Domain

Article By : Rattanindia Enterprise Ltd

Rattanindia's subsidiary Throttle Aerospace Systems has received an approval to migrate its website to 'aero' domain.

Rattanindia Enterprise Ltd’s (REL) subsidiary Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS) has received an approval to migrate its website to ‘aero’ domain. Created in 2002 and operated by SITA, ‘aero’ is the first top level domain based on a single industrial theme. The domain is reserved for the companies, organizations, government agencies, and any association reserved in the aerospace-related fields.

REL had recently acquired a controlling interest in India’s leading drone company, TAS, by acquiring majority of shareholding through NeoSky India Ltd.

The ‘aero’ domain showcase strong presence of TAS in the industry and it’s also highly trusted and recognized by customers. The prefix ‘aero’ identifies the role played by TAS in this industry. The domain is unique, short, and easy to remember, allowing our customers find us easily on the web. The new domain not only aligns with TAS’s aviation affiliation but also gives it the opportunity to stand out in the aerospace as a company of integrity by joining a domain and adhering to its rules, which comes with protected integrity.

TAS has launched a new website on this aero domain, this website is now live and offers a range of features. www.throttle.aero creates a valuable opportunity for customers to experience drone in a way they have never seen in the enterprise drone industry before. The website is filled with multiple useful options that are previously unheard in the drone business.

Some of the features of the website include 360° product experience which lets our customers view the products in a 360-degree perspective and choose the various payloads and accessories required for the drone remotely over a few clicks. Product filters, allowing the user to choose drones in a quick manner. Apart from that, there will be a feature for data set requests for letting people better examine the data quality, and more functionality, which enables the website to support multiple devices.


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