2021-11-24 -

Aprisa place-and-route for low-power SoCs

Aprisa place-and-route for low-power SoCsThe Aprisa digital design software helps designers address the many challenges of low-power designs. Aprisa is the most flexible IC place-and-route tool on the market—it accepts all industry-standard power formats, has excellent correlation to third-party signoff tools, and is easy to install, set up, and use. With effective technology and impressive […]

2021-11-11 -

IROC Technologies tapes out aerospace SoC with Aprisa place-and-route

IROC Technologies tapes out aerospace SoC with Aprisa place-and-routeIn this Case Study, Faced with a tight schedule and a demanding chip design, IROC turns to Siemens for a digital implementation flow. Testing for the European Space Agency For this project, ESA asked IROC to assess the suitability of Ultra Deep Submicron (UDSM) technology nodes below […]