Silicon Labs Launches Z-Wave 800 Series SoCs

Article By : Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs' ZG23 SoCs and ZGM230S modules are Z-Wave 800-enabled and offer 50% power consumption reduction and PSA Level 3 security.

Silicon Labs has launched its Z-Wave 800 system-on-chips (SoCs) and modules for the Z-Wave smart home and automation ecosystem. Expanding the company’s Series 2 platform, the EFR32ZG23 (ZG23) SoCs and ZGM230S modules provide developers with sub-GHz connectivity for Z-Wave Mesh and Z-Wave Long Range, and are ideal for smart home, multi-dwelling units (MDU), hospitality, and lighting applications, supporting both end devices and gateways.

The Z-Wave 800 Series family is the industry’s most secure, ultra-low-power wireless solution for advanced, high-performance battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) devices, also touting over 50% improvement in battery life compared to the Z-Wave 700 series.

“This new evolution of Silicon Labs’ Series 2 Platform provides industry leading security, ultra-low power consumption with fast wakeup times, and an integrated power amplifier to enable the next generation of high-performing and secure connectivity for IoT devices,” said Jake Alamat, vice president and general manager, IoT Home & Life. “Additionally, the introduction of our Unify SDK Z-Wave protocol controller will make it easier for developers to futureproof their smart home product designs for multiple protocols, including Matter. Ultimately, the Z-Wave 800 family will help consumers better their homes with longer-lasting devices that require less power consumption – all without sacrificing quality.

Silicon Labs’ ZG23 allows for Z-Wave long-range and mesh networking, using ultra-low-power capabilities with the most secure components available in the market. The single-die ZG23 comes with a 78 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 and offers an optimized combination of ultra-low transmit and receive radio power [25.4mA TX at 14dBm, 4mA RX (915MHz, 100kbps)] and best-in-class RF performance (20dBm output power and -110dBm RX at 915MHz, 100kbps O-QPSK), which makes it possible for IoT end nodes to achieve over 1.5 miles wireless range.

The ZGM230S modules simplify development and leverage the ultra-low power and RF performance of ZG23, while providing the smallest footprint in the industry at 6.5-by-6.5mm for Z-Wave modules. These unique solutions provide up to 10 years of battery file while operating on a coin cell battery.

Both solutions also support Z-Wave 800 standard S2 security capabilities and Silicon Labs Secure Vault suite, enabling the world’s first wireless SoCs and modules with the industry’s highest level of security: PSA Certification Level 3.

The Silicon Labs Unify SDK protocol controller offers ready-made protocol-specific translations for Z-Wave with its “design once, support all” capability. Unify SDK simplifies and speeds development by providing a common, well-defined data model API and status definitions for commonly used IoT services, such as adding, updating and removing a device.

Silicon Labs will be showcasing a Z-Wave to Matter bridge solution with Unify SDK at CES 2022.

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