Solomon Systech EPD Driver IC Honored at EE Awards Asia 2022

Article By : Stephen Las Marias

Solomon Systech's active-matrix EPD driver has garnered an award under the Most Topical Product and Technology category at EE Awards Asia 2022.

Solomon Systech Limited is a fabless company specializing in the design and development of IC products and system solutions that enable a wide range of display and touch applications for smartphones, tablets, TV and monitors, notebooks PCs, and other smart devices, including wearables, electronic shelf labels, healthcare devices, and smart home devices.

In particular, the company has been in the e-paper industry for over 20 years, working on display driver ICs for electronic shelf labels (ESL), among other forms of e-paper like e-signage and e-reader, etc. Apart from being environment-friendly, the company believes ESL has a great market potential as it also allows Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as inventory control, which can offer additional benefits such as improving efficiency for the end users.

Enhancing e-paper display with color

Developments in the e-paper and ESL markets are geared toward multicolor displays with fast response times—trends that Solomon Systech’s IC drivers need to address, without compromising power consumption.

To support additional colors on the ESL, the company says it needs to have the right fab process to drive the FPL color.

According to the company, as its technology know-how was mature enough to develop a three-color driver IC version, they proceeded to work on it.

“We have successfully solved these challenges working hand in hand with our suppliers and customers,” says Raymond Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Solomon Systech.

Compared to the old segment model, this display driver IC adapts to the active-matrix format, which allows the display content on ESLs to be altered freely—greatly increasing flexibility of ESLs’ usage.

Driven by high voltage when the display content needs to be updated, this display module consumes no power at all when the ESL is in static state showcasing the content, thereby ensuring low-power consumption, and making the device an environment-friendly product. In terms of color, Solomon Systech’s display driver IC has helped ESLs transform from black and white to tricolor—either black/white/red or black/white/yellow—providing more variety to the visuals.

EE Awards Asia, and future developments

For its active-matrix EPD driver with controller for color electrophoretic displays, Solomon Systech has garnered an award under the Most Topical Product and Technology category at EE Awards Asia 2022.

Now in its second year, EE Awards Asia celebrates the innovation, creativity, and contributions of Asia’s engineering community that have made a difference in the way we work, live, communicate, and play over the past year.

“We feel privileged to receive the award as it is a recognition of our technological advancement in the industry. We shall continue to focus on our R&D to further improve our products,” Wang notes.

According to the company, they will continue to focus on developing solutions for ESL and e-signage applications, which are widely popular in Europe and growing in the United States and Asia. It is also gearing up to launch its four-color ESL very soon.

Meanwhile, amid the growing popularity of the metaverse, the company is currently working on developing high speed interface IC for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) applications.

“Hopefully, they will be ready to be launched to the market very soon and bring superior immersive experience to the end users,” Wang concludes.


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