Sona Comstar Partners with Enedym to Manufacture Magnet-less EV Motors

Article By : Enedym Inc.

Enedym and Sona Comstar are partnering to develop SRM drive platforms for India.

Enedym Inc., a developer of next-generation switched reluctance motors (SRMs), electric propulsion, and electrified powertrains, has partnered with India-based Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd (Sona Comstar) to develop SRM drive platforms for Indian road and usage conditions targeting 3-wheeler electric vehicles (EVs) and 2-wheeler high-performance motorcycles having 10kW or greater nominal power, and 4-wheeler cargo delivery EVs having 20kW or greater nominal power.

In addition, Enedym will license its SRM technologies to Sona Comstar to manufacture drive motors, controllers, and drivetrains for the target vehicles exclusively in India. The mass production of these systems is likely to commence in 2023.

Electric three-wheelers are leading the transition to EVs in India. The catalyst of this conversion is the expansion in supply chain infrastructure by both eCommerce and logistic providers, combined with growth in consumer demand. The shift towards sustainable mobility is expected to continue, given lower operating costs and growth in eCommerce, creating a potentially large market for electric drivetrains.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Sona Comstar. This collaboration will effectively bridge the gap between supplying next generation SRM motor technologies by Enedym, which require no rare earth metals, reduce cost significantly through advanced digitization, and achieve class leading performance, with a trusted and highly capable partner, Sona Comstar, to supply highly engineered automotive systems and components to OEMs. Electric three-wheelers are at the forefront of the vehicle electrification transition in India and, therefore, our combined efforts will have a significant impact both in terms of sustainability, efficiency, cost reduction, and performance improvements,” said Dr. Ali Emadi, Founder, President, and CEO of Enedym.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Enedym. This partnership opens doors for us to the inventions developed by Dr. Ali Emadi and his research group at the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre, McMaster University. Enedym’s novel switched reluctance motors with advanced acoustic noise control will help us offer high-efficiency and high-performance magnet-less motors to our discerning customers. This is yet another step towards offering environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solutions to drive faster adoption of electric mobility in India and globally,” said Kiran M. Deshmukh, Group CTO of Sona Comstar.


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