2019-08-05 - Rick Merritt

Blog: 5G Smartphones in 2020

Qualcomm once predicted 2019 would be a big year for 5G cellular. In its dreams.

2019-08-07 - Jane Sandwood

5G Will Prove Transformative for Enterprise

A huge number of benefits and transformative trends are emerging from the opportunities created by 5G.

2019-08-27 - Barbara Jorgensen

Is it Time to Put Huawei in the Rear-View Mirror?

The U.S. chip industry seems to think the Chinese market will always be there, but Huawei is gradually giving up on the U.S., and the rest of China could follow.

2019-08-28 - Momo Zhong

More 5G Smartphones Enter the Chinese Market

The continued listing of major brands of 5G devices is reshaping the Chinese smartphone market.

2019-09-12 - Martin Rowe

5G Networks Need to be Adaptable

Networks need to adapt to changing business use cases, says Federated Wireless' Deepak Das.

2019-09-13 - Nitin Dahad

Integrated 5G Chips Revealed at IFA

5G gets boost from mobile processors integrated with modem in SoC, and platform with integrated RF system.

2019-09-18 - John Walko

Huawei: How Big Is Their Lead?

Given a limited role Huawei has been forced to play in the global 5G market, the Chinese giant's most recent "5G shipment" claim -- 200,000 5G base stations - seems aggressive, even if not inflated.

2019-10-23 - Paul Tilghman

AI Could Be the Answer to the Spectrum Squeeze

There's need for yet more spectrum for 5G, but little left to re-allocate. The proposal is to drop exclusive spectrum licenses, and rely on AI to manage the profoundly complex process of spectrum-sharing.