2019-08-27 - Junko Yoshida

Do AI Chips Need Their Own DNN?

DeepScale argues AI chips and sensor systems should come with DNNs optimized for the application. It will fundamentally change how companies buy AI technology.

2019-09-02 - Junko Yoshida

Will AV Safety Become a Competitive Feature?

When a panel of experts at SAE China's AV conference were asked "which data or lessons are you willing to share with other automakers?" The question induced a long uncomfortable pause.

2019-09-20 - Colin Barnden

Tough Times Lie Ahead For Car OEMs

At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, a new trend has emerged: A transition from C.A.S.E. (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) to C.A.P.E. (Connected, Assisted, Personalized, Electric).

2019-09-24 - David Benjamin

Is Level 5 Autonomy Attainable?

Experts in AI for autonomous vehicles poured cold water on expectations that the self-driving future is just around the corner.

2019-09-25 - Junko Yoshida

ADAS: Best Ways to Make Vehicles See

The automotive industry is still in a hunt for "robust perception" that works under any conditions - including night, fog, rain, snow, black ice, etc. The view from AutoSens 2019.

2019-10-04 - David Benjamin

Blog: What About the Human Factor?

As the automotive industry rushes toward assisted driving and autonomous vehicles, it seems to be forgetting something kind of important.

2019-10-15 - Junko Yoshida

Arm-led Consortium to Set APIs for AV Hardware

Bosch, Continental, Denso, GM, Nvidia, NXP, and Toyota declared their support for the new consortium.

2019-10-16 - Junko Yoshida

Auto-Grade AI Toolkit for AVs Launched by NXP

NXP launched a deep learning toolkit called eIQ Auto. NXP is seeking to set itself apart from competitors by making its tool "automotive-quality." NXP's goal is to make it easier for AV designers to implement deep learning in vehicles.

2019-10-18 - Junko Yoshida

Blog: Should Robo-Cars Take a Driving Test?

Humans drivers are expected to be mature enough to anticipate what might happen on the road next. What expectations should we have of drivers who are not human?

2019-10-23 - Lou Covey

Blog: Is It Too Soon for ARM’s New Consortium?

Arm has announced the formation of the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC). This cooperation among companies is a good idea but do they have the necessary expertise?