ST Acquires Simulation Tool Specialist Wisebatt

Article By : Anne-Françoise Pelé

STMicroelectronics has moved beyond the traditional press release and notified on LinkedIn it is "excited to have a new team of brilliant developers join ST from Wisebatt".

STMicroelectronics has moved beyond the traditional press release and notified on LinkedIn it is “excited to have a new team of brilliant developers join ST from Wisebatt”. Contacted by EE Times Europe, Wilfried Dron, co-founder and CEO of Wisebatt, confirmed the acquisition, but did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

Wilfried Dron (left), Marion Blatter (right). Source: LinkedIn

“I confirm that we have joined ST,” said Dron.

Analyzing the motives of the acquisition, Dron told us it meets “Wisebatt’s desire to continue to increase the reach of its products and ST’s desire to expand its simulation solution offering.”

Wisebatt was founded by Wilfried Dron and Marion Blatter in 2016 and its technology is based on more than 10 years of scientific research at the Computer Science Laboratory of Sorbonne University (LIP6 – Paris).

The Wisebatt simulation tool aims to help electronics engineers developing IoT devices to build virtual prototypes and collaborate to make the optimal choice between cost, battery life and performance, very early in the design cycle. The company indicates on its website that its tool estimates the battery life of a device by taking into account the entire system, its operation and its power consumption, as well as the non-linearities of its power source(s). Several “scheduling” algorithms adapt the simulation performance (speed, accuracy, etc.) as a function of the nonlinearity degree of the modeled system.

In October 2020, Wisebatt joined STMicroelectronics Partner Program to increase the visibility and accelerate the adoption of its tool. At the time of the announcement, Dron said, “Only two years after the release of our tool to the public, STMicroelectronics welcomes us to its partner ecosystem. The STMicroelectronics Partner Program certification process assesses the expertise of each new member. The acceptance and support of our technology by a major market player is an important step for Wisebatt.”

When asked about Wisebatt’s role as an ST Authorized Partner until now and future mission, Dron told us, “As an Authorized Partner, we have helped many of ST’s customers and prospects to better design their products using simulation. By joining ST, our missions will remain mainly the same, to help the industry to design better products and to highlight the innovative technologies and solutions offered by ST.”

Commenting on the significance of the acquisition, Dron said, “We are very happy to have joined a major player in the electronics industry and the European scene after 5 years of entrepreneurial adventure. This integration will allow us to accelerate our developments. Our technology will eventually cover even more needs/use cases for both ST’s internal teams and our engineering customers.”

The transaction will be finalized in the next few weeks, Dron concluded.

The Paris-based startup employs 11 people.

This article was originally published on EE Times Europe.

Anne-Françoise Pelé is editor-in-chief of and EE Times Europe.


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