SynchroKnot vSoC Offers Paradigm Shift in Cloud Computing

Article By : SynchroKnot

SynchroKnot's vSoC is an all-inclusive software product for the decentralization of cloud computing, edge computing, data center, and IoT.

SynchroKnot has launched the its Virtual System on Chip (vSoC), an all-inclusive software product for the decentralization of cloud computing, edge computing, data center, and IoT (Internet of Things). Its decentralizing capability makes it a complete alternative for VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, routers, switches and storage (SAN/NAS) all together.

Today, cloud computing, data centers, and IoT are based on a standard, centralized architecture, which means they are centralized in terms of location, but disparate in terms of hardware and software. For example, people may have their cloud computing infrastructure located at a centralized data center, which is made of up disparate hardware, namely servers, redundant switches & routers, storage (SAN/NAS) and load balancers, etc., and running the standard virtualization software like OpenStack, VMware, and Hyper-V, to name a few. This is the standard architecture accepted and used globally in building private and public cloud computing infrastructure today.

Rachael Sharma, Director, Spatial Systems Engineering, and Mehul Sharma, founder of Synchroknot and creator of the vSoC.

Individuals and organizations who deploy, manage, operate and support this type of cloud infrastructure are aware of the numerous difficulties and complexities involved. Apart from these difficulties, the frequent increase in license costs of the software is a major concern globally.

This standard and expensive cloud computing architecture and business model has locked itself into a quicksand with no easy exit, unless a new genre in technology addresses the serious security, scalability and cost.

The vSoC can be considered as a complete alternative to centralized cloud infrastructure, hardware and software.

In the rapidly slowing global economy, keeping pace with business goals is getting increasingly challenging.

“SynchroKnot creates a total value opportunity of $50 Trillion potential for the global enterprise. With cohesive world-wide collaboration, it is realistically expected to bring about a rejuvenation of the economic dynamics of businesses at both the micro and macro levels. Not to mention, as a side-effect comes the exponential reduction in cost, complexity & manpower, and exponential increase in performance, scalability and security,” said Mehul Sharma, owner of SynchroKnot and the creator of the vSoC software, design, architecture and methodology. “Furthermore, the SynchroKnot value, integrated with Blockchain technology, would help grow abundance at the global level, which we define as all-inclusive wealth of which the digital, intellectual and physical attributes are just a part of. Last, but not least, we have taken security to a new level not seen in the advanced products available in the industry today. We encourage you to take a deeper look at how you can derive benefit from the untainted value we have created!”


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