Synopsys Coverity adds Forcheck static analysis

Article By : Synopsys

Forcheck technology integrated into Synopsys' Coverity static analysis system provides support to software written in Fortran language.

Synopsys has completed its acquisition of certain assets of Forcheck. This provides Synopsys with additional static analysis technology to extend the capabilities of its Software Integrity Platform.

Forcheck technology will be integrated into Synopsys' Coverity static analysis system to support software written in the Fortran programming language.

The addition of Fortran to the growing list of languages and frameworks supported by Coverity aligns with Synopsys' overarching strategy to extend its software testing systems to a broader audience, from organisations developing web and mobile applications to software embedded in critical infrastructure and safety-critical systems. Coverity also supports analysis of software written in C/C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, node.js and Android.

The Software Integrity Platform of automated analysis and testing technologies integrates seamlessly into the software development process and enables organisations to detect and remediate security vulnerabilities, quality defects and compliance issues early in the software development lifecycle, as well as to gain security assurance with and visibility into their software supply chain.

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