2019-04-04 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Influencing Financial Services

A new report commissioned by the Alan Turing Institute details how AI is transforming the financial services industry, but warns…

2019-04-03 - Rick Merritt

Intel Backed Startup to Optimize and Monitor Chips

A trio of former Mellanox execs raised $38 million from Intel and others for products that will monitor and optimize…

2019-03-27 - Rick Merritt

AI Code Energetically Wagging Hardware

Deep-learning models, frameworks, and techniques like reinforcement learning are moving faster than you can carve out paths in silicon.

2019-03-19 - Sufia Tippu

Walden Rhines & His 30-Year-Old Affair with AI

In the last three years, starting from the third quarter of 2017 to be more accurate, all of a sudden…

2019-03-06 - Junko Yoshida

Improving Safety Standards for AV

There are many examples of vehicles with “perfect software and hardware compliant with ISO 26262” failing due to performance limitations…

2019-02-25 - Nitin Dahad

On-Chip Analytics to ‘See’ into Complex ML, AI Chips

Heterogeneous multicore chips are becoming increasingly common, particularly in enabling the ML and AI technologies required in leading-edge applications such…

2018-08-13 - Rick Merritt

Indian Startup Designs Deep-Learning ISA

AlphaICs of Bangalore has accelerator that is said to beat NVIDIA GPUs in image recognition

2018-03-23 - Gary Hilson

IBM Boosts Machine Learning Speeds

Snap Machine Learning trains models "faster than you can snap your fingers," according to IBM

2018-01-22 - Steve Evanczuk, Embedded.com

Big Data 2018: 4 Reasons To Be Excited, 4 Reasons To Be Worried

Big data is here to stay. Here we summarize what electronics engineers will like and not like about how the…