2021-09-10 - George Leopold

Xilinx Expands Versal Family to Mil-Aero Apps

Rugged, radiation-tolerant FPGAs bring AI capabilities to satellites and the battlefield.

2021-08-10 - Cabe Atwell

8 Innovations Brought to Earth Through NASA Research

A look at the top NASA technological innovations that are bettering life on Earth.

2021-08-05 - John Walko

Eutelsat Focuses on Software-Defined Networks

Eutelsat is claiming a new era of commercial satellite services with a geostationary satellite said to be the first to…

2021-08-05 - PIB India

Usage of NavIC System Increasing in Transportation, Personal Mobility

The usage of India's NavIC system has increased since its launch in 2012 in sectors such as transportation and personal…

2021-06-07 - George Leopold

AI-based Data Compression Techniques to Help Unclog Space Communications

Lossless data compression and optical communications could create bigger pipes for sending and receiving satellite imagery.

2021-04-23 - George Leopold

Operational Satellite Gets New Lease on Life

A robotic repair service extends the life of an active satellite, promising a new era of reusable spacecraft.

2021-03-08 - PIB Delhi

DRDO Conducts Successful Flight Test of SFDR Technology

The successful demonstration of Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) technology has provided DRDO the technological advantage which will enable it…

2021-02-19 - PIB Delhi

Indian Astronomers Detect Huge Optical Flare in Astronomic Objects

Indian Astronomers have reported one of the strongest flares from a feeding supermassive black hole or blazar called BL Lacertae...

2021-01-22 - PIB-Delphi

India’s Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Spots Rare UV-bright Stars

India’s first multi-wavelength space satellite, AstroSat’s Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope spots rare ultraviolet-bright stars in a massive intriguing cosmic dinosaur in…

2020-12-31 - PIB Delhi

India & Bhutan Sign MoU on Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

The Union Cabinet approved MoU between India and Bhutan on Cooperation in the peaceful users of outer space signed on…