2021-11-25 - Bharat Electronics Ltd

Airbus Inks Contract with BEL for C295 Aircraft Program

Airbus has signed a contract with BEL for the manufacture and supply of radar warning receiver and missile approach warning…

2021-11-22 - Rossell Techsys

Rossell Techsys to Build EWIS Parts for Lockheed Martin’s MH-60R Platform

Rossell Techsys will build Electrical Wire Harness and Interconnect System (EWIS) parts in support of Lockheed Martin's MH-60R aircraft that…

2021-11-01 - Trentar Pvt. Ltd

Trentar Acquires 75% Stake in Drones Propulsion System Startup Trishula

Trentar has acquired a controlling stake in Trishula, one of India's most innovative startup in the UAV propulsion system sector.

2021-10-26 - George Leopold

Isn’t it Good, Satellites Made of Wood?

The European Space Agency is backing a demonstration mission that will loft a wooden CubeSat equipped with 3D-printed components.

2021-10-14 - India Science Wire

Multilayer Technology for Integrating Electronic Components Can Help India’s Strategic Sectors

Indian scientists have developed a multilayer technology that packages together electronic components like resistors, capacitors to produce multilayer circuits.

2021-10-11 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Quantum Computing Enlisted in Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Astrophysicists will leverage a hybrid quantum platform to detect trace elements around a growing list of exoplanets.

2021-10-11 - India Science Wire

Consortium to Develop Next-gen Space Technologies

I-STAC.DB will develop technologies for the ecosystem development and commercialization of space and deep space applications.

2021-09-22 - India Science Wire

India’s Space Sector Offers Huge Opportunities for Business Tie Ups

India's growing space sector has immense opportunities for industry and startup companies.

2021-09-10 - George Leopold

Xilinx Expands Versal Family to Mil-Aero Apps

Rugged, radiation-tolerant FPGAs bring AI capabilities to satellites and the battlefield.

2021-08-10 - Cabe Atwell

8 Innovations Brought to Earth Through NASA Research

A look at the top NASA technological innovations that are bettering life on Earth.