2018-11-13 - Hailey Lynne McKeefry

Military & Aerospace Needs Modeling Gains

Old-fashioned CAD not doing the trick anymore, industry envisions cheaper, more flexible design tools

2018-09-20 - Sufia Tippu

India Sets Up First Space Incubation Center

ISRO aims to stimulate production of next-gen space tech

2018-09-06 - Sufia Tippu

Cyient/Bluebird JV Wins First UAV Order from Indian Army

Privately funded project the only one to meet requirements in trials

2018-08-21 - Sufia Tippu

India Readies for Human Space Flight by 2022

The Indian Space Research Organisation aims to be the fourth nation with humans in space

2017-08-15 - Purdue University

Featherweight material combines strength, conductivity

Graphene would ordinarily degrade when exposed to high temperature, but a featherweight metamaterial combines high strength with electrical conductivity and…

2017-07-26 - Teledyne e2v

Thales Alenia Space uses Teledyne processors

Teledyne e2v re-engineered its commercial-grade microprocessors to make it possible for use in Thales Alenia Space's European satellite missions.

2017-07-24 - LDRA

Updated LDRA tools support PowerPC assemblers

The tool suite will make it easy for avionics customers to certify their systems as they upgrade their 604-based legacy…

2017-07-10 - Neurala

Drones use AI to fight poaching in Africa

AI software company Neurala is collaborating with the Lindbergh Foundation to stop the poaching of rhinos and elephants in South…

2017-05-02 - EE Times India

FPGA design suite offers mixed language simulation

The Libero SoC tool suite includes the Mentor Graphics ModelSim Simulator, which allows line by line verification of hardware description…

2017-04-20 - Rajan Bedi

How to select COTS components for space apps

The selection of a COTS part is as much about how a component is used as the individual device itself.