2017-08-03 - Purdue University

AI helps convert photos into 3D models

Developed by Purdue University Professor Karthik Ramani's team, the SurfNet method can create 3D content for virtual or augmented reality…

2017-08-02 - Microsoft

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 will use custom AI chip

The custom silicon is a coprocessor designed by Microsoft that will natively and flexibly implement DNNs, according to the company.

2017-07-21 - Gartner

AI washing obscures technology’s real benefits

Similar to green washing, many technology vendors are now "AI washing" by applying the artificial intelligence label a little too…

2017-07-14 - Fujitsu

AI-based algorithm estimates heat stress levels

Aside from existing data of humidity, temperature and pulse, the new algorithm estimates the level of heat stress based on…

2017-07-05 - IDC

Cloud vendor spending lifts server market revenue

IBM leads the market, accounting for 50% of market share, while HPE remains the only vendor who has grown its…

2017-07-04 - Rick Merritt

NXP seeks wider natural-language processing

The goal for NXP is to extend its approach for natural-language processing, claiming that dedicated hardware is not required in…

2017-06-30 - Fujitsu Laboratories

Virtual machines boost server density loads

With Fujitsu's technology, a data centre operating with 10 partitions at a server rack operating efficiency of 50% will be…

2017-06-20 - ASSOCHAM

Public interest may trigger AI growth in India

Highlighting how AI can be effectively used in execution of government schemes, the ASSOCHAM-PwC report explains how deep learning can…

2017-06-15 - Georgia Institute of Technology

Deep learning robot writes music

Beyond giving the robot the first four measures as a starting point, no humans are involved in its composition or…

2017-06-15 - Junko Yoshida

TI keeps head low in battle for robo-car supremacy

The company’s financial results have demonstrated how well a modest strategy—focused more on Level 2 autonomous cars—has worked so far.