2017-02-23 - Microchip Technology

MCU adds ADC channels, I/Os via 48-pin package

Microchip Technology’s 8bit PIC MCUs offer high levels of CIP integration to perform system functions while consuming low power.

2017-02-17 - Murata

Digital PoL converters boost FPGA, processor power

Murata’s OKDx-T/90 digital PoL converter has non-linear transient response that reduces Vout deviation due to large load changes.

2017-02-10 - Linear Technology

No-opto flyback boasts +/-1% load regulation

By sampling the reflected isolated output voltage across the third winding on the power transformer, LT8315 requires no opto-isolator for…

2017-02-01 - ON Semiconductor

Touch sensor converter offers 8 sensing channels

The LC717A30UJ uses mutual capacitance to detect capacitance changes down to femtofarad (fF) levels.

2017-01-25 - Pentek

8-channel XMC module targets phased array radar

The module’s built-in data capture offers a turnkey solution as well as a platform for developing and deploying custom FPGA-processing…

2017-01-19 - TDK

Low-loss thin-film inductors deliver 2.6A rated

TDK’s TFM160808ALC thin-film inductors have maximum DC resistance of 62mΩ that is 30% lower than existing TFM160808ALM.

2017-01-02 - Radim Smat

When to use comparators and operational amplifiers

Comparators operate in open loop configuration without any negative feedback.

2016-12-26 - Infineon Technologies AG

100V, 35A MOSFETs target high-throughput satellites

The MOSFETs have been characterised for useful performance with linear energy transfer up to 90MeV/(mg/cm²).

2016-11-18 - Vicor

Super computer offers 1.5 PetaFLOPS/m3 performance

The ZettaScaler-1.8 utilises Vicor converters to provide 48V to high density, high efficiency direct-to-PoL current multipliers.

2016-10-11 - Bill Schweber

Modular smartphone power issues pile up

Engineers know that a good set of power rails is like a good foundation for a structure: if it is…