2022-07-18 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Boasts Energy Savings and Lower Noise with 40V STripFET F8 MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics' 40V MOSFETs, STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG, save energy and ensure low noise in circuits for power conversion, motor control, and…

2022-07-08 - India Science Wire

New Design Framework to Build Next-gen Analog Chipsets

IISc researchers have developed a design framework to build next-generation analog computing chipsets that promise to be faster and require…

2022-03-11 - Indian Institute of Science

IISc Technology Can Address Automotive Chip Shortage in India

IISc is developing an indigenous technology platform for manufacturing automotive analog chips to be used for commercial and strategic applications.

2021-04-07 - Stian Sogstad

MCUs with Analog Features Save Board Space, BOM Costs

The built-in analog features allow small-footprint MCUs to reduce BOM costs and boost energy efficiency in battery-operated portable devices.

2021-01-06 - Vincent Roche, CEO and President, ADI

Outlook 2021: Rethink, Restructure and Revitalize

Analog Devices Inc (ADI) President & CEO Vincent Roche shares his outlook on the tech trends for post-COVID era...

2020-10-30 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Minimizing Electrolytic Capacitor Size with Tiny ICs

Power Integrations has announced its latest MinE-CAP solution for high power density AC-DC converters with universal input. MinE-CAP technology reduces…

2020-09-11 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Neuromorphic Analog Processor for Always-on Smart Sensing Systems

Aspinity has raised $5.3 million in Series A funding to ramp up the deployment of ultra-low power always-on sensing...

2020-07-28 - Sally Ward-Foxton

End-to-End Analog Neural Networks Promise Better AI Chips

Latest research on brain-inspired end-to-end analog neural networks promises fast, very low power AI chips, without on-chip ADCs and DACs...

2020-07-15 - Barbara Jorgensen

ADI-Maxim Deal: Distribution Channel Shake Up?

If past is prologue, Analog Devices Inc.’s $20 billion acquisition of Maxim Integrated Devices will prompt a major shake-up in…

2020-07-14 - Analog Devices, Inc.

ADI Acquires Maxim to Strengthen Leadership in Analog Semiconductor

Chip maker ADI said it has agreed to acquire Maxim in an all stock transaction that values the combined enterprise…