2021-04-16 - Siemens India

Siemens Partners with Switch Mobility on E-Mobility Projects in India

Siemens and Switch Mobility are partnering to jointly address the need of commercial electric vehicle (EV) customers and execute E-Mobility…

2021-04-02 - Nitin Dahad

Safety Pool: Globally Accessible Database of Virtual Road Scenarios for AV Testing

A new globally accessible database of virtual road scenarios has been launched as a public initiative to enable autonomous vehicle…

2021-03-23 - Henry Claussnitzer

Smart-factory Strategies to Strengthen European Automotive Industry

Smart-factory strategies will help European automotive companies assert themselves against strong competition.

2021-03-09 - Emily Newton

The Benefits of IoT in Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry—like many other manufacturing sectors—is undergoing a major digital transformation right now.

2021-03-04 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Quanergy Enhances OPA-based Lidar Performance to 100m

Quanergy's latest iteration of its OPA lidar has a range of about 100 meters, which the company plans to double…

2021-02-24 - PIB Delhi

New Material Converts Waste Heat to Electricity for Small Home Appliances & Vehicles

Scientists have found a new Lead (Pb) free material which can efficiently convert waste heat to power our small home…

2021-02-08 - Junko Yoshida

Fusion Project Works to Accelerate Car-to-Cloud AI Training

Carmakers envision a car-to-cloud model under which a vehicle can progressively scale from Level 2+ to Level 4, with autonomy…

2021-02-02 - Colin Barnden

Qualcomm’s Automotive Redefined: Collaborate or Go

Qualcomm’s "Automotive Redefined" wasn’t just an event where we witnessed a vision of the future, but where we heard the…

2021-02-01 - Strategy Analytics

LiDAR Creates Richer Contextually-Aware User Experiences

LiDAR has potential to help consumers be more socially connected and more creative in augmented and virtual worlds...

2021-01-28 - Junko Yoshida

Sony Betting on its ‘Vision-S’ EV Gambit

Last year when Sony came to the CES to talk about its EV project called "Vision-S," it had a look…