2016-08-30 - Murata

Surface-mounted DC-DC converters meet AEC-Q standards

The product uses an isolating sheet type transformer instead of a photocoupler, realising a compactness, high reliability and high dielectric…

2016-08-29 - None

Self-driving taxis pick passengers in Singapore

nuTonomy plans to launch a widely-available commercial robo-taxi service in Singapore by 2018.

2016-08-26 - Jiji Gangadharan

Solve traffic sign recognition challenges

An unnoticed sign board can cause fatal accidents, but how many times do we miss the traffic signs during a…

2016-08-26 - Peter Clarke

Programmable analog captures the imagination, just like Lego

With integrated devices, there is often a quandary over what resources to include and what to leave out.

2016-08-23 - Vivek Nanda

Indian Railways officer wins contest with futuristic train proposal

Ashwani Kumar Upadhyaya and Emil Jacob believe they have an electric mass transit idea that beats even monorails and SkyTrain…

2016-08-11 - Allegro Microsystems

Buck/boost controller delivers up to 36V input range

The A4450 features high-voltage battery compatible enable input to accommodate for switched battery input applications.

2016-08-10 - Graham Prophet

Sulphur-resistant resistors prevent automotive app failure

The sulphuration-resistant construction of Rohm's chip resistors contributes to their long-term reliability.

2016-08-05 - Junko Yoshida

Jeep hack reveals hole in auto security

Security experts have injected rogue messages into a vehicle’s CAN bus, resulting in a full-speed attack on the Jeep’s steering…

2016-08-05 - Peter Clarke

TDK to buy Tronics to broaden sensor portfolio

Japan's TDK Corp. has placed a Rs.368.93 crore ($55 million) bid to buy MEMS manufacturer Tronics Microsystems.

2016-08-03 - Nick Flaherty

Flow cells for cars eliminate need for battery charging

Batteries in electric vehicle could be recharged via electrolyte rather than electricity, says a Swiss start-up.