2021-03-17 - Egil Juliussen

Autonomous Vehicles: What Amazon’s Playbook Could Be

There is little doubt that Amazon will be a major user of autonomous vehicles and will participate in multiple AV…

2021-02-08 - Junko Yoshida

Fusion Project Works to Accelerate Car-to-Cloud AI Training

Carmakers envision a car-to-cloud model under which a vehicle can progressively scale from Level 2+ to Level 4, with autonomy…

2021-02-02 - Colin Barnden

Qualcomm’s Automotive Redefined: Collaborate or Go

Qualcomm’s "Automotive Redefined" wasn’t just an event where we witnessed a vision of the future, but where we heard the…

2021-01-14 - David Benjamin

CES 2021: GM CEO Foresees ‘All-Electric Future’

General Motors CEO Mary Barra called 2021 an “inflection point” not only for advances in automotive technology but for the…

2021-01-07 - Egil Juliussen

Dec 2020 Driverless AV M&A Recap: What’s Ahead?

December 2020 has been an eventful month for the auto industry—especially for the AV segment. There were several announcements on…

2020-12-30 - PIB Delhi

India’s First-Ever Driverless Train Operations on Delhi Metro

PM inaugurates India’s first-ever driverless train operations on Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line. Also inaugurates fully operational National Common Mobility Card…

2020-12-23 - Pierrick Boulay, Dimitrios Damianos, Milan Rosina, Tom Hackenberg

Autonomy & Electrification: Perfect Match for Auto Industry

A recap of trends and technologies fueling the electric and autonomous automotive industry...

2020-12-17 - Taehyun Kim

How Sensor Tech Will Shape Vision of the Future

CMOS image sensors used to be for optimizing image quality; now they're being engineered to enhance human vision.

2020-12-14 - Colin Barnden

It’s Time to Get Serious About Auto Safety

Where is the evidence that replacing human drivers with robo-drivers advances safety on public roadways?

2020-12-12 - TrendForce

Automotive IC Revenue to Reach $21B in 2021

Global automotive IC revenue to reach US$21 Billion in 2021, with IDMs likely to benefit ahead of time, says TrendForce...