2019-09-02 - Junko Yoshida

Will AV Safety Become a Competitive Feature?

When a panel of experts at SAE China's AV conference were asked "which data or lessons are you willing to…

2019-08-27 - Junko Yoshida

Do AI Chips Need Their Own DNN?

DeepScale argues AI chips and sensor systems should come with DNNs optimized for the application. It will fundamentally change how…

2019-08-23 - Cabe Atwell

Autonomous Robots Put to Work

Robots aren’t exactly taking over the world, but autonomous vehicles, radio-controlled cars, and robots are becoming a common sight at…

2019-08-13 - Junko Yoshida

The Math Behind Driving Carefully

Teaching a car to anticipate a pedestrian suddenly stepping onto the roadway remains the hardest thing to do.

2019-08-02 - Junko Yoshida

AV’s Road to Safety

AV tech companies are approaching safety in virtually the least safe way possible. We identified 5 things still missing in…

2019-07-26 - Colin Barnden

Blog: Annus Horribilis for Robotaxis

Cruise signals a delay, but nothing is going to make self-driving practical any time soon. Auto makers need to face…

2019-06-25 - Nitin Dahad

Volvo Group and Nvidia Partner to Enable Autonomous Trucks

Volvo Group and Nvidia are coming together to use an AI platform to enable autonomous trucks

2019-06-24 - Junko Yoshida

What if There’s Another Robotaxi Fatality?

"Autonomous" taxis still have human backups watching out. Some AV company just bought watch-the-watcher technology. Was it Waymo?

2019-06-21 - Junko Yoshida

Robocars: HD Mapping & Data Ownership

HD mapping isn't a convenience; it can be critical for AVs, car OEMs and high-tech companies. There's a high-stakes game…

2019-06-17 - Junko Yoshida

Is Your Neural Net Confused?

Edge Case Research specializes in systems that make sure autonomous vehicles learn how to operate safely. The company just secured…