2019-07-26 - Colin Barnden

Blog: Annus Horribilis for Robotaxis

Cruise signals a delay, but nothing is going to make self-driving practical any time soon. Auto makers need to face…

2019-06-25 - Nitin Dahad

Volvo Group and Nvidia Partner to Enable Autonomous Trucks

Volvo Group and Nvidia are coming together to use an AI platform to enable autonomous trucks

2019-06-24 - Junko Yoshida

What if There’s Another Robotaxi Fatality?

"Autonomous" taxis still have human backups watching out. Some AV company just bought watch-the-watcher technology. Was it Waymo?

2019-06-21 - Junko Yoshida

Robocars: HD Mapping & Data Ownership

HD mapping isn't a convenience; it can be critical for AVs, car OEMs and high-tech companies. There's a high-stakes game…

2019-06-17 - Junko Yoshida

Is Your Neural Net Confused?

Edge Case Research specializes in systems that make sure autonomous vehicles learn how to operate safely. The company just secured…

2019-05-30 - Junko Yoshida

Blog: How Prepared are Robotaxis?

Can a robotaxi be prepared to deal with all kinds of passengers - adults, kids, the elderly, handicapped, men behaving…

2019-05-20 - Junko Yoshida

Siemens Aims to Lessen the Headache of SoC Design

Siemens unveiled a validation environment that should forestall endless iterations when designing an SoC for autonomous vehicles

2019-04-24 - Junko Yoshida

Tesla’s Multifarious Approach to AVs

Here's what Tesla announced, what the company did not say, and which claims left some industry observers skeptical

2019-04-22 - Nitin Dahad

AV Industry is in Need of Regulation

Today's processors are inadequate for tomorrow's automated vehicles. The AV industry is also in dire need of standards and a…

2019-04-18 - Junko Yoshida

Designers Could Soon Adhere to UL’s Safety Standards

By the end of this year, designers of self-driving vehicles, mining robots and a plethora of other industrial systems featuring…