2021-06-01 - MG Motor India

MG Motor and Attero Partner on EV Battery Recycling in India

MG Motor India is partnering with Attero on reusing and recycling the Li-ion batteries of EVs in India after their…

2021-05-04 - Business Wire India

Qpi Technology Sets Up New Subsidiary to Focus on Solid State Batteries

Qpi Technology is setting up a new subsidiary, Qpivolta, to manufacture solid state batteries.

2021-04-28 - Omega Seiki

Omega Seiki Partners with C4V USA to Bring Solid State Battery Development to India

Omega Seiki is partnering with New York-based company C4V to bring solid state battery development to India.

2021-01-20 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

CES 2021: Next-Gen EV Battery Shows Big Promise

During this year’s CES, Panasonic highlighted its strong partnership with Tesla on the EV batteries . Tesla will use Panasonic’s…

2020-12-24 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Quantum-based Sensor to Enhance Battery Performance

The University of Sussex is using a quantum-based sensor to measure battery behavior, with the goal of improving battery technology...

2020-12-23 - Pierrick Boulay, Dimitrios Damianos, Milan Rosina, Tom Hackenberg

Autonomy & Electrification: Perfect Match for Auto Industry

A recap of trends and technologies fueling the electric and autonomous automotive industry...

2020-12-18 - PIB Delhi

Scientists Develop High-Performance Hybrid Supercapacitors with Novel Electrode Material

ARCI and IIT-H Scientists develop high-performance hybrid supercapacitors with novel electrode material. The device could pave way for next generation…

2020-11-19 - Tom Doyle

Minimize Data Usage, Maximize Battery Life

Bio-inspired approach means longer-lasting always-on devices...

2020-11-04 - George Leopold

Supercapacitors Rapidly Replace Batteries for Energy Storage

The emerging energy storage technology is flying higher.

2020-10-19 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Wireless Battery Management System for Future EVs

GM will use a wireless battery management system in its electric vehicles co-developed with Analog Devices...