2016-06-30 - Rajan Bedi

Rocket scientist’s guide to IBIS-AMI

Learn why IBIS-AMI is win-win for everyone.

2016-06-30 - Eystein Stenberg

Dealing with top-security threats for connected devices

Some of the security basics that will protect your devices from most attacks include healthy network segmentation, disabling remote-access services,…

2016-06-29 - Max Maxfield

Parallelising, partitioning sequential C code

A couple of weeks ago, while having my mind boggled at the Embedded Vision Summit (see Day 1 and Day…

2016-06-28 - Max Maxfield

Databases designed for embedded world

Here's a relational database targeted at embedded systems and intelligent mobile devices.

2016-06-28 - Max Maxfield

The Mover Kit: Coding wearables for kids

Here's an ideal toy to get kids up and moving and doing "stuff". It's also a wearable that's designed to…

2016-06-28 - Jack Ganssle

MISRA comes with security updates

Check out the new updates that improve an already excellent MISRA.

2016-06-27 - Max Maxfield

Inexpensive PCB soldering, inspection station

Here's a look at a low-cost soldering and inspection station called POLUS

2016-06-27 - Max Maxfield

Novel soldering approach with pseudo TIG welder

Find out how a 100W power LED that boasts a 100 year life came to an early demise.

2016-06-27 - Max Maxfield

Introducing 6-year olds to electronics with Squishy Circuits

Kids would be captivated by The Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit for months, which makes this little beauty worth its weight…

2016-06-27 - Max Maxfield

Are you excited or afraid?

I honestly believe that we are on the brink--let's hope it's not a precipice--of great things in Embedded Space. I…