2020-05-05 - Nitin Dahad

Is a Possible IPO Imagination’s Right Exit Strategy?

The fate of Imagination has turned political in the UK, but the reality is not related to ownership, but more…

2020-05-04 - Geoff Tate

Software Is a Big Deal for AI Inference Accelerators

Inference chips typically have lots of MACs and memory but actual throughput on real-world models is often lower than expected.…

2020-04-30 - Nitin Dahad

Imagination Remains in Britain: The Saga Continues…

Imagination gets commitment to keep UK headquarters, but is this just a temporary reprieve?

2020-03-30 - Colin Barnden

Blog: Welcome to the Ice Age

As Covid-19 takes hold, forecasting the automotive market in 2020 is impossible, but let us start here: Global light vehicle…

2020-03-18 - Nitin Dahad

The Indian Semiconductor Industry Is Growing Up

I first started writing about India’s electronics industry in 1993. Back then, India was regarded as a place to source…

2020-03-13 - Colin Barnden

Blog: Walking on, Walking on the Moon

Any outstanding scientific achievement operating as a loss-making business dies when the funding stops. Where do we think the AV…

2020-03-09 - Bob Leigh

Blog: Inside the Autonomous Vehicles of Tomorrow

A standardized architecture for autonomous vehicles to capture and process data will enable driverless vehicles to reach the market efficiently,…

2020-03-06 - John Walko

Huawei: UK Carriers to Be Hit by Clampdown

Strict limits on Huawei gear appears to be an opportunity for Nokia and Ericsson, but they put BT, Vodaphone, and…

2020-03-03 - Mark Lippett, Xmos

Blog: The Rise of the AIoT

Moving AI to the edge is going to require an entirely new category of processor that is inexpensive and flexible.

2020-02-27 - Nirav Shah, Fortinet

Hyperscale is in Need of Security Processors

Without purpose-built security processors, organizations that rely on digital innovation are left with either slowing down to accommodate security limitations,…