2019-08-08 - Karl Freund

Blog: Small Card, Big Message

The benchmarks and the ecosystem that was announced along with the Alveo U50 comprise a significant milestone in Xilinx's data…

2019-08-01 - Rick Merritt

Swimming with Whales in the Semiconductor Industry

Data center giants are pulling chip designers in many different directions in the search for big markets for big chips.

2019-07-31 - Dylan McGrath

Tech Titans in the Driving Seat

Locked in an AI arms race and sitting on piles of cash, hyperscalers are beginning to set the agenda in…

2019-06-18 - Paul Teich

Blog: Nvidia’s Lead Exceeds Intel’s in Cloud

Nvidia holds a more commanding share of dedicated accelerators than Intel holds in overall compute among the top four public…

2019-04-29 - Martin Rowe

Brooklyn 5G: Highlights from Day 1

Day 1 of the sixth annual Brooklyn 5G Summit featured keynotes and panels covering where 5G stands and where it…

2019-04-10 - Jeff Bier

Algorithms to Drive Embedded Vision

The founder of an industry trade group focused on computer vision gives a glimpse into its latest annual survey

2019-03-15 - George Leopold

Precision Agriculture Could Start Second Green Revolution

Growers are up against it these days. Milk prices have cratered for dairy operations, corn and soybean farmers are being…

2019-03-08 - Rick Merritt

Wind of Change for Cloud Computing

It feels like the winds are shifting in cloud computing. Better bring your umbrella.

2019-02-18 - Sufia Tippu

Will Sino-US Trade War Precipitate Manufacturing Spin-Off in India?

The trade war between the US and China seems to have set off a series of small manufacturing ripples across…

2019-02-14 - IDC

Top 10 India Predictions to Impact Cloud Initiatives Through 2023

The need for having agile businesses through simplified IT and comprehensive security is still far from reality for most organizations.