2022-10-27 - VVDN Technologies

VVDN Partners with Google Cloud to Set Up CoE

VVDN is partnering with Google Cloud to help customers accelerate app modernization and cloud transformation.

2022-08-29 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Chinese Startup’s GPGPU Targets AI and Data Center

Chinese startup Biren has emerged from stealth, detailing a large, general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) chip intended for AI training and inference…

2022-08-01 - VVDN Technologies

C-DAC Taps VVDN to Manufacture India’s First Indigenously Designed HPC Server

VVDN Technologies has signed a contract with C-DAC for the manufacture of RUDRA, India's first indigenously designed HPC servers.

2022-07-11 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Today and Tomorrow of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing will become a central pillar of any serious computing architecture. Just like the CPU and GPU, the quantum…

2022-06-07 - ICRA

Indian Data Centers to See Five-fold Increase in Capacity

Overall, 3,900–4,100MW of data center capacity are likely to get added in the next five years in India.

2022-06-01 - PIB India

Param Ananta Supercomputer Commissioned at IIT Gandhinagar

The Param Ananta Supercomputing Facility will greatly benefit IIT Gandhinagar's R&D activities in multidisciplinary domains of science and technology.

2022-05-30 - PIB India

Param Porul Supercomputer Inaugurated at NIT

The Param Porul supercomputing facility is established under Phase 2 of the NSM.

2022-03-04 - Sameh Yamany, Viavi Solutions

Hyperscalers and 5G: Collision or Collusion?

5G-hyperscale convergence holds a lot of promise for businesses, cities, and consumers. But engineers must collaborate to deliver on that…

2022-02-07 - India Science Wire

IISc Commissions 3.3-Petaflop Supercomputer

The Param Pravega is one of the most powerful supercomputers in India, and the largest in an academic institution.

2022-01-03 - SynchroKnot

SynchroKnot vSoC Offers Paradigm Shift in Cloud Computing

SynchroKnot's vSoC is an all-inclusive software product for the decentralization of cloud computing, edge computing, data center, and IoT.