2016-06-13 - Jessica Lipsky

Micromax enters China-dominated smartphone supplier list

Although Samsung and Apple surpass all other companies in total smartphone shipments by a long shot, both companies are forecast…

2016-06-13 - Vishay Intertechnology

Compact 9.5mW IR emitting diode cuts space for wearables

Vishay’s VSMD66694 comes in a 2mm x 2mm x 0.87mm package and boasts wavelengths of 660nm (red) and 940nm (IR),…

2016-06-13 - Max Maxfield

Amazon Dash Buttons: Everything is just a ‘press’ away

There are about 100 different versions of Amazon Dash Buttons, which are wireless plastic pods that you can stick or…

2016-06-13 - Julien Happich

E-waste firm industrialises metal extraction, recycling process

Extracthive aims to leverage the CEA Marcoule lab's know-how in hydrometallurgical processes, consequently easing metal sourcing constraints.

2016-06-10 - Maxim Integrated

Flexible reference design creates 16×16 LED displays

MAXREFDES99# integrates four MAX7219 LED drivers to provide designers a 16 x 16 display with 256 LEDs, allowing hobbyists and…

2016-06-09 - Pablo Valerio

Consumers eye IoT appliance security, privacy risks

Consumers like the idea of connected devices, but many are reluctant to embrace the reality due to security concerns.

2016-06-08 - Thomas Claburn

WWDC: Apple’s chance to loosen up, keep pace with rivals

While the tech giant is expected to unveil new products during next week's Worldwide Developer Conference, what Apple really needs…

2016-06-08 - None

India’s smartphone subscriber base to skyrocket to 810M by 2021

According to the Ericsson Mobility report, WCDMA/HSPA and LTE (3G and 4G) networks are expected to account for 65% of…

2016-06-07 -

India’s mfg industry set to become a growth engine

According to Sukumar of KPMG, India has abundant talent to drive the country into a manufacturing hub and add value…

2016-06-06 -

India smartphone maker eyes China takeover

India's home-grown mobile phone giant Micromax is fast keeping up to pace with its toughest rival - China, but to…