2019-07-15 - Martin Rowe

Blog: Apple’s Planned Obsolescence Hits Home

Oh, the ignominy! This engineer decides that his iPad 2 is destined to become a lighted serving tray.

2019-02-13 - ALi Corporation

Hybrid Solution to Realize Next-Generation TV Experience

ALi Corporation, Dish TV India Limited and HANDAN, announce latest hybrid solution, “Dish Box”, to enrich TV experience for subscribers…

2019-01-28 - Ali Corp.

ALi to Penetrate Indian Market with Next-Generation STB Chipset

ALi Corporation has initiated further effort to penetrate the Indian market, with the next-generation STB chipset F8 series.

2019-01-24 - Martin Rowe

Failed Capacitors Down DVD Recorders

A capacitor failure in a DVD recorder required replacement. That's what happens with old electronics.

2019-01-11 - Junko Yoshida, David Benjamin

CES 2019: Top Gadgets to Watch

This year's CES in Las Vegas showcased a number of a sampling of the good, the bad and the unexpected...

2019-01-09 - WitsView

Driver IC Consumption Market to Slowdown in 2019

The total consumption of driver IC would slow down to 3% this year due to technology variation in designs of…

2019-01-04 - WitsView

Large-Size Panels Shipments Expected to Grow Slightly Through 2019

Looking ahead to 2019, shipments of large-size panels are expected to reach 811.77 million pieces, an annual grow of 1%,…

2017-08-14 - AMD

AMD adds 3 CPUs to Ryzen Threadripper line-up

The Ryzen Threadripper 1950X delivers multi-processing power with support for 16 cores and 32 processing threads, while the Ryzen Threadripper…

2017-08-10 - Gartner

Enterprises ready to pay 5G premium

At least 75% of end-user organisations are willing to shell out for 5G but by 2020, only 3% of the…

2017-08-08 - Technavio

ToF sensor market sees 3% CAGR to 2021

Consumer electronics, including AR/VR applications, are driving growth with Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea and India leading revenue in APAC.