2022-05-13 - Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IITP)

IITP Inks MoU with Redinent on IoT, Cybersecurity R&D and Innovation

The Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IITP) and Redinent will partner on R&D and innovation of IoT and cybersecurity products.

2022-03-01 - IBM

IBM Sets Up Cybersecurity Hub in Bangalore

The new facilities represent a strategic hub for IBM cybersecurity activities in the region.

2021-12-17 - Sharon Hagi

Security Standards a Must for Consumer IoT

"If everything is connected, everything can be hacked."

2021-07-27 - Ann R. Thryft

Security Researchers Need Better Laws

They are also striking parallels between today's hackers and ancient ninja warriors.

2021-07-26 - IBM

IBM Partners with NASSCOM to Make India’s Youth Future Ready

IBM and NASSCOM Foundation worked with 23 colleges to certify enrolled students on IBM certified courses on emerging technologies.

2021-06-16 - Ann R. Thryft

Securing the Software Supply Chain

There's no single solution to make the software supply chain problem go away. It's a process.

2021-04-01 - Rahul Badnakhe

Understanding the Need for Cybersecurity Framework

Organizations around the world are realizing the importance of cybersecurity and are finally adopting it.

2021-03-24 - Wolfgang Patelay

Securing Industry 4.0 Networks Through One-Way Data Transfers

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 networks require reliable, safe, and secure data links. However, these days, any…

2021-03-08 - Nitin Dahad

Highlights from embedded world 2021

The issue of addressing cybersecurity is, as is becoming the norm in recent years, a prominent part of embedded world…