2016-09-19 - Dr. Lauro Rizzatti

Measuring digital data

Where better to look for proof of exponential progress of science than in the mindboggling escalation of prefixes associated with…

2016-09-19 - None

EDA tools double design data annually

« Previously: [Your Headline or Caption]   An interesting application area that produces large quantities of data is the Electronic…

2016-08-25 - Graham Prophet

Modulator improves recording quality of green microphones

Green microphones fill the low-power gap by dividing by a ratio of at least 5 the power consumption in always-listening…

2016-08-23 -

Linaro enhances API support for software-defined dataplane

The Monarch Long Term Support release of OpenDataPlane (ODP) enables other projects to leverage the acceleration provided by the ODP…

2016-08-22 - Tom Butler

Software learns to perfectly mimic handwriting

The system is flexible enough that samples from historical documents can be used with little extra effort.

2016-08-22 - Analog Devices

Analog Devices buys cybersecurity unit of Sypris Electronics

With this transaction, ADI enhances its aerospace and defence capabilities in the area of secure radio communications.

2016-08-12 - Graham Prophet

Surface traps can pave way for quantum computers

According to MIT researchers, built-in optics could enable chips that use trapped ions as quantum bits.

2016-08-12 - Graham Prophet

Designing on-chip optical components for quantum computers

With the prototype chip, the researchers were evaluating the performance of the diffraction gratings and the ion traps.

2016-08-10 - MathWorks

Simulator adds fluid modelling capabilities

Simscape Fluids enables engineers to build acausal models of fluid systems that integrate directly with block diagrams.

2016-08-08 - Rick Merritt

Facebook attracts EEs with hardware lab

The social networking company is expanding its horizons with a 2,000-square-metre hardware lab.