2017-06-30 - Ansys

Synopsys, Ansys integrate products

The companies are working to integrate Ansys' power integrity RedHawk technology with Synopsys' IC Compiler II physical implementation.

2017-06-29 - Zuken

Design tool focuses on collaboration

Zuken's updated Redlining tool enables different teams to communicate smoothly during the design process and mark-up designs during review.

2017-06-29 - ARM

ARM kit targets mechatronics, robotics training

The Mechatronics and Robotics Education Kit contains a full suite of course materials written around a car kit embedded with…

2017-06-28 - Novarm

Novarm updates DipTrace PCB design software

The latest DipTrace software version includes 10,000+ new components and around 1,700 new 3D models.

2017-06-26 - EE Times India

Dual DRAM controller core delivers 4,266MT/s

Designed in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the dual DRAM Controller Core for LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 follows the JEDEC standards and is compatible…

2017-06-22 - Avnet

Xilinx Zynq-7000 board eases industrial IoT dev’t

The MiniZed Zynq board features on-board cloud connectivity, allowing designers to transform their laptops or mobile devices into on-the-go GUIs.

2017-06-19 - Siemens India

Siemens builds 4 centres across Karnataka

Siemens has signed an MOU to build 'Centres of Excellence' to train skilled workforce focused on technologies and processes related…

2017-06-13 - Synopsys

Synopsys adds processors, projects to embARC

The embARC OSP has added support for the ARC HS processors, updated SecureShield libraries for secure execution environments and an…

2017-05-30 - Fujitsu

Tech simplifies business app modification

Fujitsu’s tech is able to make localised revisions to applications, making it easier and less-time consuming to make changes in…

2017-05-22 - Adacore

Migrating to Ada

Most companies have a significant investment in C or C++ code bases or rely on components developed in those languages.…