2020-08-19 - PIB Delhi

Bengaluru Scientists Fabricate Invisible Shield For EMI

Scientists from the CeNS, Bengaluru, have fabricated transparent and flexible EMI shields made of metal meshes using the crack templating…

2020-06-02 - PIB Delhi

NIT Researcher Working on Marriage of Material Science and Electrochemistry for Sustainable Energy

Dr. Malik Abdul Wahid from NIT Srinagar is a recipient of the INSPIRE Faculty award instituted by the DST, Govt.…

2020-06-02 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

COVID-19: What It Means for Electronics Market

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted markets all over the world, and the electronics sector is no exception. Despite the…

2020-05-26 - George Leopold

Electronic Product Launches Stalled by Covid-19

A survey finds component prices are surging as supply chain disruptions continue. 53% of electronics industry product launches have been…

2017-07-18 - Jim O'Reilly

How MTBF may kill drone delivery

There are subtleties with drone reliability and even with redundancy, failures will happen. So how can customers be protected from…

2017-07-12 - Portescap

16DCT motor delivers up to 5.24mNm torque

The 16DCT has the lowest motor regulation (R/K2) compared to similar motors in the market, which means it has a…

2017-06-27 - IDC

Hyperconverged sales boost flagging market

Hyperconverged sales have grown 64.7% year over year during the first quarter of 2017, amounting to 24.9% of the total…

2017-03-22 - EE Times India

Design software adds headlight safety test

The test capability in LucidShape 2017.03 allows designers to perform illuminance-based visibility range tests and glare test for oncoming traffic.

2017-03-10 - Toshiba

Industrial Li-ion battery charges in 20 minutes

Lead batteries need to be replaced in roughly two-year cycles, but Toshiba's SIP modules maintain over 80% battery capacity for…

2017-01-18 - NXP Semiconductors

NXP cuts cord with wireless charging for portables

The charging system features <2mm in thickness and low component count as well as 94% power transfer efficiency, according to…