2017-01-17 - None

Samsung probe concludes batteries caused Note 7 fires

Samsung has exonerated itself of design flaws and firmware bugs, unsurprisingly pointing the finger at the battery.

2017-01-09 - Celeno Communications

CL2400-based smart antenna targets set-top boxes

Celeno and Airgain’s integration expertise provides solutions to meet the growing demand for reliable and seamless Wi-Fi performance.

2017-01-02 - Radim Smat

When to use comparators and operational amplifiers

Comparators operate in open loop configuration without any negative feedback.

2017-01-01 - Bill Schweber

Debunking wire wrapping’s presumed unreliability

Learning to do wire wrap has taught engineer Bill Schweber not to assume what would and what wouldn't work well.

2016-12-20 - Steve Subiry

Wired supply: The basics of magnetic components

Magnetics are passive components that use an internal magnetic field to change the phase of electrical current. They are commonly…

2016-12-20 - Steve Subiry

How transformers work: An overview

Transformers do not generate electrical power. They transfer electrical power from one AC circuit to another using magnetic coupling.

2016-11-24 - Linear Technology

USB µModule transceiver provides 7500VRMS isolation

The LTM2894 also provides 17.4mm of creepage, a separation distance that allows medical equipment to operate from mains voltages greater…

2016-11-16 - Microchip Technology

Microchip adds peripheral touch control to select MCUs

The ATtiny817 is also the first to be supported by the Atmel START Code Configurator and the code-compact QTouch modular…

2016-11-14 - GE

GE adds metal-clad switchgear to MV portfolio

GE expands its medium-voltage offering with the launch of IEEE OEM modules, a retrofit vacuum circuit breaker and a metal-clad…

2016-10-18 - Susan Nordyk

550W CRPS accepts up to 264VAC input voltage

The CSU550AP generates a main output of 12VDC for feeding downstream DC/DC converters in systems that employ distributed power architectures.