2016-10-17 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Demo vehicle makes extensive use of 48V components

The vehicle features a powertrain architecture with an electric motor as an “electric axle” on the rear axle, a configuration…

2016-10-17 - Junko Yoshida

Processor tweaks possible culprit in Note 7 blowup

By process of elimination, Samsung now seems to have concluded that changing batteries doesn’t lower the heat.

2016-10-13 - R. Colin Johnson

Rule-based algorithm predicts UPS failure

PredictPulse Insight monitors the UPS's components, tracking discharge history and determining when 90% of the UPS's lifetime has been used…

2016-10-06 - Junko Yoshida

Deep learning is robo-cars’ Achilles heel, experts say

U.S. regulators fail to tangle head-on with fundamental difficulties in testing machine learning.

2016-10-06 - Junko Yoshida

Knowing the limitations of machine learning

A highly autonomous vehicle is designed to operate only in a certain designated area, but does the data used truly…

2016-10-06 - Junko Yoshida

Independence of automotive safety assessment

Compared to other industries, automakers have been coddled and permitted to operate under the privileged framework of “self-certification.”

2016-10-06 - Junko Yoshida

Time-tested car safety approaches

The DoT document doesn't address problems as what happens if an autonomous vehicle fails to activate its fall-back strategy, according…

2016-09-19 - Dr. Lauro Rizzatti

Behind the mind-boggling growth of digital data storage

In 2010, digital data storage requirements hit the "Zetta" prefix, with only one prefix, the "Yotta," left available.

2016-09-19 - Dr. Lauro Rizzatti

Measuring digital data

Where better to look for proof of exponential progress of science than in the mindboggling escalation of prefixes associated with…

2016-09-19 - None

EDA tools double design data annually

« Previously: [Your Headline or Caption]   An interesting application area that produces large quantities of data is the Electronic…